Wednesday, February 14, 2007

cheaper by the lb

various gerunds in brooklyn

court st, october

it's just better over there

don't even try it: there is no denying the supremacy of the new york slice. sf makes a better burrito, and better coffee, and better organic produce. okay? but don't argue with me on this one.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bacon on my mind

after posting what felt like a million pictures last night, i realized that a good handful of posts include references to bacon, (or pork, pigs, meat in general, etc). and i guess this post counts as yet another. my poor little eastern european arteries. i think i may need professional help.

Monday, February 12, 2007

corners of sf

yes, but how do they taste?

god bless the st francis fountain. especially on a weekday. just look at all that perfectly cheesey, bacony goodness.

little fuzzy are my live-show idols. i need not explain myself, hmm?

phoenix airport, en route

this sad photo of my sad shoes was taken while waiting for the second leg of my flight home from new york. i hadn't slept the night before, caught a shuttle at 3:45am, was stuck in a full van next to two screaming gals from milwaukee who not only reeked of alcohol but were *still drinking* guinness out of plastic cups, though they did offer me a chocolate covered entenmann's donut, which i happily accepted. the old finnish man in the front seat kept up a monologue to our driver, who text messaged relentlessly while piloting our van at top speed up 1st avenue. we were on the highway for about 5 minutes before traffic stopped for some enormous accident, so our driver put on the hazards and drove in reverse to the previous turnoff. at which point the finnish man in front began to blow up skinny balloons with a bicycle pump and twist them into animals for the rest of us. by the time i was dropped off at jfk i was about to lose my mind but also kind of amazed and weirdly content, it was such a new york moment. sadly, i was so tired that somewhere between my gate and my seat on the plane i managed to lose my winter coat, from brooklyn and precious to me and never to be seen again. so monumentally stupid as to almost be impressive, actually.

christie st


oh! taisho

st. marks place is now riddled with yakitori restaurants that serve all manner of tasty tidbits grilled on skewers. everything seems to be wrapped in bacon prior to grilling. this is a positive development, i think.

oh! mr taisho is on fire! if he were wrapped in bacon, he'd be even tastier.

dumpling love 2.0: a comparative study

these dumplings are from a hole in the wall on allen st. please note the "scallion pancake" sandwich, consisting of some crazy chinese focaccia hybrid stuffed with bbq'd meat, carrots, cilantro, and some sauce that must have trace amounts of crack in it because... i need another one... now... for $1.50. the dumplings were better on mott st, though.

yeah! nyc chinatown

naughty naughty chinatown

can we please talk about this tissue dispenser? actually, never mind.

the man in the shop assured me these pillows are good for "relieving stress".

i can't imagine the hokkaido department of tourism is too happy about this.

red hook

dumpling love

the table full of amazingness above can be yours for a mere $6 -- that's for 18 dumplings and 2 quarts of soup. i may need to explore the competitive dumpling eating circuit. when i move back to new york, i plan on living on dumplings, and not just because they're all i'll be able to afford.