Wednesday, February 14, 2007

it's just better over there

don't even try it: there is no denying the supremacy of the new york slice. sf makes a better burrito, and better coffee, and better organic produce. okay? but don't argue with me on this one.


Anonymous the velvet lapel said...

I would like to remind a short little someone that when in Italy on vaction, they did in fact order a slice of "Salad Pizza" whose secret ingredient was MAYO... not once, but every day for breakfast.

Also, I just checked the the weather forcast for today 2/15/2007. It's 62 and sunny here in SF and 23 and sunny in NYC. So you can keep the pizza. Do all you non-west-coast transplants (you know who you are) REALLY still miss the seasons?

I'm going to go out on the patio and enjoy my superior super burrito in my shorts. Anyone care to join me.


the Velvet Lapel

12:34 PM  

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