Wednesday, March 21, 2007

coming soon to an easter basket near you

Someone, somewhere, thought that children of all ages would delight in seeing foot-high marshmallow heads staring out at them with their soulless black licorice eyes from between the copious strands of plastic grass in their easter baskets this year. They look delicious, no? Like decapitated edible zombies.

low country weekend

savannah apothecary

disgustingly hip biking gear

when 6-foot owls attack

Actually, this owl is a peace-loving owl, and would likely never attack anyone despite its monstruous size. Happiest in its natural habitat of frosty mountain slopes, it makes do in Karen's living room, next to the Big Lebowski-inspired "stained glass" window. This house, incidentally, holds myriad pleasures, including homemade oatmeal ice cream.