Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The Platonic ideal of pizza. Thin crispy crust, excellent ratio of sauce to cheese, fresh mushrooms... although this particular slice, purchased on Amsterdam Avenue and 83rd Street, did not quite match up to the slice I had from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Bronx sauce = tangy. Amsterdam sauce = sweet. What this says about the Bronx versus the Upper West Side, I'm not exactly sure.


Anonymous Brad the Man said...

This here photo is proof postive that a) new yorker's are insane and b) they really don't "know from" good pizza. They're just resistent to change. They like summers that are way to muggy, winters that are freekin' freezin' cold, and photos of the most pathetic looking slice of pizza I've ever seen.

Don't trust someone from New Yorks judgement because it is clearly flawed...and don't every take any crap about how good there pizza is! because there clearly nuts!

You want good pizza go to Italy. Its much cheaper and they put mayonase on it.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Lady D said...

It's so sad what growing up in California will do to one's brain. It turns it to mush, apparently. Sigh. There's nothing I can do for you other than pity you. More pizza for me then, so nyah nyah nyaaaah!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous brad the man said...

mush like the pizza in the photo which you soooo love to eat

1:04 PM  

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